I grew up in a tiny farm town in Georgia. The kind with one red light and endless dirt roads. The nearest Walmart was thirty miles away.

What our town lacked in sophistication, it made up for in nature to roam and opportunities to nurture the imagination - mainly because if you weren't imaginative, you'd die of boredom.

My middle-of-nowhere upbringing, combined with my dad's love of travel and my mom's instilling in me a love of books, are, I am sure, the things that turned me into a writer. And a dreamer. And an explorer.

And so it's only natural that I should end up writing in NY, where there's also no Walmart.

Somewhere along the way, I also developed a love for food and how it interweaves itself into the most important stories of our life. And then, I became a mother, and found my capacity for love, hard work, and dedication was greater than I'd ever imagined. In the city that never sleeps, hey, neither do I!

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I'm always looking for new opportunities to get to know amazing people, work hard together, and have meaningful impact. I live in New York, but conceptualize and write copy and content for clients around the country.