She's here!


Our beautiful Josephine Violet Cobb is here. We've spent the past nearly four weeks snuggling her, learning to navigate New York and basically life with two girls, and enjoying visiting family. I've been dying to share the news of her birth on my blogs. And now she's down for a nap, and everyone else is out braving the rain to see the Museum of Natural History, and so I find myself with some time - how much, I never know, could be two minutes or two hours - before Josephine wakes up, in which to write.

Let me start by sharing her birth. She arrived in nearly the exact same fashion as her big sister! My mom and sister Mary came up two days before her due date. We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday hanging out and enjoying the waterfront and walking around New York.


Each night, we watched a little TV or a movie and then went to bed, wondering if that would be the night it happened. Mary took this picture of dad, mom, and big sister on March 7, the evening of my due date.


That night we went to bed. Just like we did when I was pregnant the first time, with Catherine. And that morning, in the wee hours, at 2:00am - just like with Catherine - I was dreaming that it was time, and that we were rushing around looking for my doctor to deliver the baby, when I woke up and knew.  I woke Catherine and moved her into my bed just because somehow I felt she was closer to me that way. I told her what was happening, and kissed her and told her how much I loved her and that I'd see her at the hospital soon. She had a bag of goodies and presents for the waiting room, and most importantly, my wonderful mom and sister, so I knew she would be beyond fine!

We caught a quick uber to the hospital, and at 4:44am, just 2 hours and 45 minutes after I first woke, on May 8 - Mother's Day - I had my dark-haired baby girl in my arms.

WOW. She was stunning. I was madly, utterly, head over heels in love with this perfect, pretty little peanut. I was floored by how pretty she was! I was so proud of her. I put our new baby to my breast and she knew what to do right away. There she remained for the next hour and a half, and I was quite happy to have her. She weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce, and was 20 inches long. And she delighted us all from the start and continues to do so!