It's that time of year...

Does anyone else remember those infamous words, spoken by Gwyneth Paltrow, back in 2009, in regards to a detox diet she created which mainly consisted of green juice, smoothies, and pureed soups? I do - in fact, I've tried her detox. Several times. I kind of recommend it. There's something about freeing yourself of those dependencies - sugar, caffeine, alcohol - which might help us get through a moment, but that don't actually make us feel that great once their affects have worn off - that frees your mind, as well.

I think now would be a good time to mention that I modified her detox plan. I did not give up my morning espresso nor the occasional vodka soda. I'm not totally insane.

Still, I do find giving up sugar for a week or so always makes a big difference in my energy and clears my head. Which is what we all want in January.

There's something else that's been all the rage lately, that I finally made myself sit down (literally) and try. Meditation. It's hard when you have two kids and hyperactive tendencies to make yourself sit still and do absolutely nothing for one minute, let alone thirty. But I was truly amazed at the transformation in my thinking and my day when I actually made myself do it. I recommend you try it too - even if you consider yourself the busy body type. Trust me. From one busy body to another.

So that's my one and only real New Years Resolution. To meditate for thirty minutes each morning. My feeling is if we start each day with a clear head and a sense of purpose, the rest will follow.