Curry and Country


Last night I made a vegetable chickpea curry. My friend Jazz, British by birth and Indian by heritage, has inspired me to no end in the kitchen. Things I've watched her make, and then wanted to make myself as soon as possible, include traditional shepherds pie, english trifle, and these super-thin chickpea and vegetable pancakes we dipped in yogurt. She shared her chicken curry recipe with me, and I f-ed it all up of course. I left out the chicken and added chickpeas and a bunch of vegetables. So therefore, it is no longer chicken curry. But sometimes you just have to make it the way you’re craving it. Besides, let's face it, even if I'd followed her instructions it wouldn't have tasted as good as if she made it.

While I was cooking, I may have drank white wine while the kids watched Spirit on Netflix.  Sometimes I am inefficient in the kitchen, because when the food is ready the wine goes away and the kids come back.

While I was drinking wine and chopping vegetables, and later sautéing and dumping spices (because when making Indian food I am guessing it is better to dump the spices rather than sprinkle? then again I may be showing my ignorance) I was also listening to country love songs and singing. I'm not a good singer and at some point the little one came in the kitchen and beckoned me down to her level, and put her hand over my mouth and said "hush Mommy."

And on that note, I think I will!