U.S. Army

I worked on the U.S. Army account as a copywriter and idea, concept, and tactic generator.  As both a government entity and a fighting force, the brand came with both unique restrictions and exciting opportunities; below are two examples.


u.s. army + independence day ii: resurgence

In a non-typical partnership, the U.S. Army and Fox Pictures teamed up to promote the film Independence Day: Resurgence and drive Army recruitment. The challenge was to get people who are excited about the movie to consider unexpected Army jobs.

Our answer was to create an immersive web experience as the center of a larger co-branded campaign. We began by asking fans to join the Earth Space Defense (ESD), the military force in the movie. Upon enlisting in the fictional force, movie fans participated in an online game, completing four missions to determine strengths, unlock exclusive movie content, and learn about real Army jobs that require similar skills. The game then drove players who possessed those skills through to actual Army recruitment.


Mission1: Bio Extract

Isolate microscopic alien organisms in the ESD research lab for further testing and eventual use in the defense system. U.S. Army career: Microbiologist.


Mission: Aerial Recon

Fly your UAV on a reconnaissance mission through hostile alien fighter jets, to the safety of the Earth Space Defense base. Army career: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator


Mission: Code Break

Crack the code on an intercepted alien transmission to discover critical information about an upcoming attack. Army Career: Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist


Mission: Spacecraft Overhaul

Build an ESD moon tug vehicle using advanced alien technology. Army Career: Avionic Mechanic


Watch the video below to see how the site experience fits into the larger campaign.


U.S. Army Reserve - Part Time All Soldier

The U.S. Army Reserve provides an opportunity for Soldiers to serve their nation, while also remaining civilians. The Army needed a way to help prospective recruits better understand how Army Reserve training and experience can help them gain an edge in their civilian careers, and vice versa.

Our answer was a video site experience that allowed users to toggle between Soldiers' civilian and Army Reserve stories, highlighting the similarities and differences and showing that the two can not only coexist, but complement each other. An interactive timeline allows users to jump to relevant micro-content and discover even more detail about each Army Reserve job. See the experience at GOARMY.COM