Verizon Fios

From landing pages, emails, and banners, to pandora spots and pre-rolls, I wrote all things digital on a daily basis for Fios. The brand evolved rapidly during that time, and you'll see those changes reflected in the work.


Get Out of the Past. Get Fios.

This Verizon Fios campaign featured Rashida Jones and made people laugh through a series of funny videos, while encouraging them to get their Internet up to date by getting Fios. I helped with the initial brainstorming phase and later implemented the copy across multiple digital platforms.

For context, the below video is one of a series in which Rashida Jones discovers that living without Fios feels like living in the past.


This landing page was created along with many other digital assets as part of the broader Get Out of the Past campaign. The challenge was presenting a potentially overwhelming amount of messaging in a digestible fashion, which we addressed by making the content rotating and expandable.

get out of the past.jpg

A carousel marque rotates to display Fios solutions to various pain points.

get out of the past (1).jpg
get out of the past (2).jpg

More content is accessible via a drop down link, allowing users to explore which Internet speed makes the most sense for their needs.

get out of the past 3.jpg


Marketing emails were sent out routinely, advertising the various products and services, and in keeping with the current campaign.


Fios On Demand emails promoted newly released movies and special sales.

no races just marathons (1).jpg
two thumbs up (1).jpg
fresh hot movies (1).jpg
grrrowr. rowr. awrr. (1).jpg

The Fios Quantum Gateway provided the fastest Internet speeds available and excellent range. And new Custom TV gives you more of a say in which channels you pay for. It all makes for a the very best TV and Internet experience possible, which the client wanted relayed to customers and prospects.

the right router.jpg
leave the drama on the screen (1).jpg
cable is so last decade (1).jpg
the new-fashioned way (1).jpg

Under new brand guidelines, we had a limited selection of sometimes strange-seeming images to work with - but we had fun with the challenge, as seen with these Device Protection Plan emails.

better to be covered (1).jpg
just because you dropped it (1).jpg

For these Total Package emails, the client asked us to come up with a copy-led layout which was unique from their typical one.

all you ever wanted (1).jpg
get all of this (1).jpg


A few examples of banners advertising fast Internet for businesses.

fancy way of saying (1).jpg
if your internet's not working.jpg
your business moves fast.jpg