Barilla is to Italy what Coca Cola is to the Southeast.  Gaining popularity all over the world, Barilla sought to build upon that momentum with continuous fresh content that would inspire people to cook with the brand's delicious products. From comprehensive digital campaigns to single social posts, I loved working on this brand!



An authentic Italian company with a “balanced life” philosophy and several extra-healthy offerings for the health-conscious consumer…it only makes sense for Barilla to have a perspective on a healthy lifestyle.

When they originally asked us to create a healthy newsletter series, we didn’t realize quite what we’d be up against – a lack of existing content to pull from and an amazingly short timeframe within which to produce a large amount of educational content.

In the end we produced a content calendar, five email newsletters, interactive website content and coordinating social engagement content, all with the goal of encouraging consumers to live a healthier life with Barilla.


Introductory email received upon subscribing to the newsletter

site content 1.png

An example of a Balanced Life with Barilla newsletter

site content 2.jpeg

Inspiration to get users excited about cooking and eating the Barilla way

site content 3.jpeg

Interactive, informative content that users can click around and explore for fun

site content 4.jpeg
site content 5.jpeg

Tapping or hovering over each number reveals healthy kitchen tips.

site content 6.jpeg

game app

We created a game with the goal of teaching consumers clever tricks to eat healthier, while exposing them to Plus Pasta messaging.

I worked with a gaming expert to brainstorm concepts and copy.  We went through many ideas and gameplays before finally settling on The Barilla Plus Recipe Scramble.

Motivated by tried and true time, competition, and coupons, players scramble to assemble recipe ingredients and feed a balanced meal to their waiting families.  While learning recipes, users are exposed to bonus tips and tricks – like slow-roasting tomatoes – for adding depth of flavor, in a healthy way, to pasta dishes.

game 1.jpeg
game 2.jpeg
game 3.jpeg

As the user plays, levels increase and recipes become more difficult with more ingredients.

game 4.jpeg

The mom moves from column to column rearranging ingredients to that each family member has all the components to a healthy, balanced meal.

game 5.jpeg

I'm good at inventing games, not so great at winning this one apparently. After playing, users have the option to share their score with friends, play again, and print the Barilla Plus Pasta recipe.

game 6.jpeg


Everyone loves spaghetti – but not everyone knows what to do with stellini or fuselli.  So Barilla asked us to create a fun campaign to promote unique pasta shapes and encourage more occasions for enjoying pasta.

I created a Summer of Color campaign centered around fresh, colorful pasta recipes perfect for summer meal occasions like picnics and pool parties.   We didn’t stop at recipes – we provided a rich, content-by-color experience that included song playlists and tips for making summer gatherings all the more memorable - and even included a weekly sweepstakes that kept users coming back.

The success of the Summer of Color campaign led to its repeat the following summer.


Users select a color on the color plate, generating a collage of color-themed inspiration, and entering a weekly drawing for a prize.

color summer 2.jpeg

Each color mosaic includes recipes, tips and fun facts, and (my favorite) a color-inspired summer playlist that can be enjoyed straight from the app.

color summer 3.jpeg
color summer 4.jpeg

The user shares a color and encourages her friends to enter the sweepstakes too.  Users return week after week throughout the summer, to browse the content and enter the drawing.

color summer 5.jpeg


Hero carousel promoting Barilla Sauce

barilla 1.jpeg

Facebook post celebrating the Brand's longevity

wrapped around your fork.jpg

A Facebook Happy Birthday to the Italian Galileo

a man who loved stalinni.png

Barilla thanks new Facebook fans with a coupon

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South Beach Wine & Food Festival email

we came we ate.jpeg